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Type of Documents We Translate.

A sample list of the documents we translate on a regular basis.

Individual- Personal documents


Birth Certificate/Medical certificate and report/Police Clearance/Licence/Marriage or Divorce Certificate/ID card  and more
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Education documents

Academic records/Transcripts/Certificate/Diploma/CV and more
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Financial documents

Bank statement/Tax return/Property ownership document and more
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Travel/Insurance documents

Passport/Claim report and more
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Business documents

Marketing documents

Pamphlet/Brochure/Website translation and more

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Legal documents

Contract/Affidavit/Sale contract (Property)/Will testimony and more
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Technical documents

Engineering report/legal and medical technical documents
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Certified Translations- NAATI Accredited Translation

We can help you translate your document into English by a NAATI accredited translator so that you can provide to the appropriate authorities (DIAC, DFAT, passport authority and other governmental authorities) requiring certified translations.

Expresstranslate is a one stop shop for document translation services for individuals and for businesses , we can provide you with the best translation by a professional translator or NAATI accredited translator.


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