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Not all translators are equal, so when wanting to translate a document, you must carefully select your translator. Make sure he or she is an NAATI translator and has a good reputation. After all, one needs to deal with the issue of quality and it is quite serious where translation is concerned. So, the first good step is to check for the NAATI accreditation, as this will point to competency and professionalism. Second, look for professional agencies to hire translators from who meet these criteria. With a NAATI translator, you can rest assured of the level of translating skills for making accurate translations. The document (s) will be translated to perform and will maintain high standard of quality.

NAATI translators have to go through a rigorous translation and ethics exams. There is a very small percentage of Australians translators that actually pass these tests set by NAATI. Recent advances in globalisation mean that the need for prompt access to accurate information is no longer only reserved for big, multinational organisations. An ever-growing number of companies compete for business on an international scale. An incorrect expression, wrong number or a seemingly harmless misplaced comma, can expose your business to unacceptable risk. That is why, when selecting your translation company or agency, you should check that your chosen provider has substantial knowledge and experience in translation as well as provide NAATI translators.

A good translation service provider should have a quality assurance policy in place that is designed to pick up any human error in the translation process. A common method of quality assurance is to have a NAATI translator to perform the initial translation. Then, the translation should be passed on to a second independent translator (often NAATI accredited as well) who has relevant experience in the field of translation. They should check for errors or any issues and then provide feedback to the initial translator. The two translators should then come to an agreement on any areas of disagreement before providing the translation back to the client.

You may need translation of personal documents, such as; birth certificate, marriage certificate, driver’s license, diploma, degree, medical documents that need to be provided to government officials. Getting a document translated from one language to another is a professional task and the translation has to be accurate. An immigrant to a new country often has to deal with complicated documents relating to State Licensing Departments, Customs and Immigration Officials, Lawyers etc. A certified translation ensures that there are no disruptions in the significant process. If you have important documents to translate, you have to be very careful about the translation services you chose. Look for a reputed NAATI translator as a first step or a reputed translation agency who employs NAATI translators, like Expresstranslate (, where quality, fast and accurate translation is what make them Australia’s best express translation company.