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NAATI Spanish translation services

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“We want to provide our customers with a simple and engaging experience. Our Naati Spanish translators are helping us to do that.”

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Expresstranslate and NAATI Spanish translator are partnering to provide urgent, same day and express certified professional Spanish translation services to transform how businesses and individuals engage with the world. All our Spanish document translations offer guaranteed acceptance for any of your official lodgements, for example, migration or legal purposes in Australia.

Your documents are prepared by an experienced NAATI certified Spanish translator.

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Customer-focused experience

We empower all customers to decide which services will work for them and provide clear choices within the range of services that a Naati translator can provide.

  • Professional translation services for Spanish to English translation OR English to Spanish translation.
  • Express next day Spanish translation service
  • Urgent Same day translation services
  • After hours document translations
  • NAATI Spanish translators
  • Certified Spanish translations delivered to your door Australia-wide
  • Guaranteed official translation from a translation agency
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Why choose Expresstranslate for your Spanish Translation Service?

1. Guaranteed NAATI Certified Professional

We work alongside with NAATI Certified Spanish translators who are professional and understand your exact requirements for any immigration or legal documents.

2. Express and efficient delivery

We won’t be beaten on delivery time, we are the leader in Express NAATI certified Spanish translation services in Australia.

3. We’re right here to help

We have a wonderful team of client support and Spanish translators right here in Australia ready to help and assist you along the way, anytime.

4. Australia wide urgent same day translation service

Whether you are in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide or Hobart, we are right here ready to assist you with your document translation within a few hours if required.

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  • Spanish brochure translation services

  • Spanish passport translation

  • Spanish academic transcript translation

  • Spanish degree translation services

  • Spanish diploma translation services

  • Spanish driving license translation services

  • Spanish bank statement translation

  • Spanish payslip translation

  • Spanish police clearance translations

  • Spanish marriage certificate translation

  • Spanish electricity bill translation

  • Spanish water bill translation

  • Spanish internet / phone bill translation

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  • Spanish real-estate translation

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  • Spanish death certificate translation

  • Spanish financial translation services

Can you provide Spanish Translation for Migration Document?

Our pool of Spanish migration translators are right here in Australia and ready to complete your Spanish to English translation OR English to Spanish translation for you and we guarantee acceptance by all Australian official authorities. They are experienced NAATI certified translators.

Facts about the Spanish Language

Where is Spanish spoken?

559 million people around the world speaks Spanish!

Of the 559 million speakers; 470 million are native, and an estimated 21 million plus people learn Spanish as a foreign language. It is actually the second most studied language in the world and the second highest number of native speakers of any language in the word (that’s behind Mandarin and in front of English). It is the official language in 22 countries and widely spoken in other countries such as Central and South American countries and USA where there are 45 million Spanish speakers due to the migration. This makes USA the second largest Spanish speaking country in the world and expected to become the largest in the world by 2050.

There are also Spanish speakers on a smaller scale in Africa, Spanish is spoken in Equatorial Guinea and Western Sahara and in the Philippines where there are still traces of the language to this day.

The Spanish culture and influence

The Spanish love to relax

According to the OECD report (published in 2013), the average Spaniard devotes 16 hours out of 24 hours to leisure every day. This includes eating, drinking and sleeping.

Organisation of the day

The organisation of the day and the scheduling of meals is what really intrigues foreign visitors as the Spanish do things a little different.  Lunch is the main meal of the day and is eaten between 2:00 and 3:00 PM. Customarily this is followed by a nap, the famous “siesta” (because most people now commute between home and work, this custom is slowly declining). Supper, a lighter meal, is taken late, between 9:00 and 10:00 PM (or even later during the hot summer months). This is reflected with business, shopping, and school hours as well. There is a decent break, between two to five hours long, in the middle of the day, during which businesses are closed and the streets are pretty deserted. The workday restarts late afternoon, between 4:30 and 5:00 PM until about 8:00 PM.


There are a few exceptions like department stores, restaurants and bars, which are open all day. It is quite common practice for Spaniards to go for a snack before meals, especially on non-working days. The most well-known bar food, which is also quite popular now in Western countries, known as “tapas”, it consists of prepared dishes and are often smaller versions of main-course dishes. Spaniards are among the world’s largest consumers of seafood; they are very fond of both fish and shellfish. Many Legumes, especially beans, lentils, chickpeas, are also a key ingredient for Spanish people.

What not to say and do and how to be polite?

In Spanish and as is very common within the Roman languages, there are different ways of saying “you”; the formal and informal way.

Usually when talking to close friends, family and first-name basis friends, you can use “tú” or “vosotros”. But, for a more formal or when talking to the elderly and to show respect, you should use “usted” and “ustedes”

When greeting in informal situations, most people will give a kiss on each cheek. However, men will usually shake hands.

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